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What's your favorite thing of all time? PT.8 by Hallucinator


HallucinatorはLuca Lodi (Nk)とSimone Sighinolfi (Sygo ex S.M.O.K.E.)の二人によって2007年に結成。

Yellow Stripe Recordings、PRSPCTといった、

5月には待望のファースト・アルバム「The New World Disorder」のリリースを控えており、

What's your favorite thing of all time? PT.8 by Hallucinator

1. David Sylvian - Waterfront

Love almost everything this artist did, the perfect combination between music and poetry with it's good dose of darkness.

Waterfront (2003 - Remaster)

2. Alice in Chains - Rain when I die

Just picked a random track from their album "Dirt", which we consider a whole masterpiece.


3. Korn - Clown

With this album Korn and producer Ross Robinson changed the face of metal forever, and this particular track has an unbeatable groove.


4. Public Enemy - She Watch Channel Zero

First time a mix of Rap and Metal worked really well together and with a sample from Slayer's "Angel of Death".

It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

5. Portishead - Only You

Like all of their work. Their first two albums are just perfect.


6. Bad Company - The Nine

It made us want to make dnb.

7. Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

It's pure dark magic.

8. Moshpit - Hope Less

A truly underestimated band which merged hardcore punk with dnb and speedcore.
Their album "Follow the Loser" is probably one of the most innovative in the last years.


Follow The Loser [Explicit]

9. Depeche Mode - The Love Thieves

A band that needs no introduction as, since the '80, their unique sound has been an influence for many.


10. Diamanda Galas - Sono L'Anticristo

A truly scary use of vocals. A dark star. The voice of demonic possession.

Plague Mass